Uk become 1st country to leave EU, Sensex Falls 1000 Pts

Live Market- The 30-share BSE Sensex is down 1003.53 points or 3.72% at 25998.69, The 50-share Nifty index dropped 315 points or 3.82% at 7954.90.
The BSE Midcap Index decline 3.09% at 11083.21 and The BSE Smallcap index down 3.55% at 11040.06.

stock market tipsBritain is on trial today. Britain in the European Union will decide on whether or not this will come in a little while from now. So far, 38 per cent of the votes have been counted. Voting has begun in the UK results. According to the results, nearly 52 per cent so far out of the European Union is in favor of. While about 48 per cent in the European Union has agreed to remain. Earlier, British Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain staying in the EU is strongly advocated.

The referendum on the world, there is the opinion of experts and brokers. Some believe that if the UK out of the EU would be a big loss to the global economy. The latest polls have come some of them remain in the camp, ie the EU is looking increasingly to the dominance of those who remain in the UK.