Today’s Jackpot Share–SUPRAJIT ENGINEERING, 17 July stock nifty future calls trading tips,

stock market trading tipsToday we are bringing such shares which can give profits, This time was chosen to share the jackpot Suprajit engineering, its market capitalization is Rs 1542 crore. Suprajit Engineering 51.84 per cent of the promoters and FIIs 4.73 per cent. Further promoters are increasing their stake in the company every year. In the last one year, FIIs increased from 4.73 per cent to 2.44 Suprajit Engineering is part. TVS Motor also Suprajit Engineering at 7.22 per cent.

For fiscal 2017, Suprajit engineering sector valuation is cheaper than other players. Suprajit Engineering PE ratio of 8.8 times, the NRB Bearings FAG bearings PE of 25.1 times and 11.3 times PE.

Suprajit Engineering If we look at the balance sheet date in fiscal year 2015 / equity ratio was 0.8. However, despite the purchase of 3 new Suprajit Engineering debt is very low. Suprajit Engineering Con Cables in 2005, was bought in 2007 CTP Giles. While in 2014 Suprajit Engineering pricol of the control cable business was bought.

Suprajit Engineering outlook seems better. Maruti and Hyundai to supply good growth ahead seems Suprajit Engineering. Also Suprajit Engineering emphasis on increasing exports and now accounts for 17 per cent of total export earnings. Recently, the company expanded its capacity and Suprajit Engineering is able to meet demand. Suprajit Engineering is focusing on direct replacement segment. Suprajit Engineering further good growth in the non-auto segment is expected.