Live updated :- Stop trading due to network outage: BSE

networkBSE market yesterday record high closed, but today all market due to all network outage and not updated data on the BSE market. BSE because of the technical problems on the exchange are able to update expressions. According to BSE because of network outage has stopped trading in all Segment. However, the NSE has made ​it clear that rates will continue trading in all segments.

BSE has said that the network service vendor HCL team is working on resolving technical problems. Traded away after a technical fault will resume. BSE say that trading will commence soon. All rates on BSE will be cancelled before the network outage. Return to businesses and new – Pre-op will open.

In morning time, Sensex open green sound 90.36 points or 0.35% up at 25931.57 and the nifty is up 9.45 points or 0.12% at 7734.60.