24 May Live Stock Market Tips, National Fertilizer share Hits 52-week High

stock market trading tips National Fertilizer- The Stocks hits 52 week high of 35.55 Rs up 6.27 per cent on BSE. On NSE 52 week high at rs 35.60, gain 6.58 per cent.
Today National Fertilizer stocks rose nearly 6 per cent in early trade today, after the company net profit of Rs 31 crore in the fourth quarter.
The Company had previous fiscal reported a net loss of Rs 100.6 Crore in Fourth quarter.

In BSE stocks falling yesterday, NFL said its net income rose to Rs 1,641.7 crore in the quarter ended March 2016, from Rs 1,556.3 crore in the year-ago period.

The organization’s general costs came in lower at Rs 1,532.6 crore as against Rs 1,616.1 crore year on year while money related costs declined to Rs 73.9 crore from the prior Rs 110 crore.

For 2015-16, NFL reported a critical hop in its combined net benefit at Rs 197.1 crore, from Rs 26.2 Crore in the year-prior period.

For the whole year, all out salary of the organization tumbled to Rs 7,776.4 Crore, from Rs 8,524.9 Crore a year prior.

In any case, costs were lower at Rs 7,300.9 crore in 2015-16 as against Rs 8,210.7 Crore in the earlier year.